Law Class for Laymans 101: Part 1

Class 101 was broken down into 4 videos. You will find additional resources below the last video in fill-able .pdf format as well as a legal disclaimer.

Law Class for Laymans 101: Part 2

Law Class for Laymans 101: Part 3

Law Class for Laymans 101: Finale

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16th Amendment Flyer 249KB History of the 16th amendment, IRS and payroll tax
Addressing Strawman 80kb Addressing the matter of the strawman
Adventures in Legal Land 2.47MB Legal Land by Marc Stevens
Beligerent Claimant 245KB Beligerent Claimant, Tacit Admission
Black's Law 4th Edition 10.7MB The complete Black's Law Dictionary 4th Edition
Bond vs United States 111KB Supreme Court ruling on the Sovereign Citizen
Bouviers 1914 Vol1 A-E 115MB Bouviers 1814 Vol1 3rd edition law dictionary A-E
Bouviers 1914 Vol1 F-M 53.6MB Bouviers 1814 Vol1 3rd edition law dictionary F-M
Bouviers 1914 Vol1 N-Z 58.3MB Bouviers 1814 Vol1 3rd edition law dictionary N-Z
Clearfield Doctrine 99KB Governments descend to the level of a mere private corporation, and take on the characteristics of a mere private citizen
Common Law Handbook 4.67MB Handbook for Common Law Pleading
Common Law VS Admiralty 76KB Differences between Common Law and Admiralty Law
Court Survival Guide 219KB This Survival Guide is offered as educational material only, and is by no means complete nor all-inclusive
Criminal Script 2 65KB A script to study before attending a criminal court.
How to Succeed at Court 519KB The purpose of these pages is to help and and all who are facing imminent court cases and concerns to learn the: history of courts and what makes them tick, the origins of the B.A.R., and the importance and function of honor and behavior.
Jurisdiction Challenges 83KB "Once jurisdiction is challenged, the court cannot proceed when it clearly appears that the court lacks jurisdiction, the court has no authority to reach merits, but rather should dismiss the action" Melo v. US 505 F2d 1026.
Latin Speak 87KB Latin Terms Found in Law
Mastering the UCC 166KB Mastering the Uniform Commercial Code with forms.
Notice of Appearance 118KB A .jpg sample of a notice of appearance. A good example from which to build your own.
Judicial Oath of Office 640KB JUDICIAL OATH OF OFFICE
Ohio Constitution 10.7MB The full constitution of the state of Ohio
"Person" 106KB Defining Person and Sovereign
Pocket Card Notice 109KB The following page contains the verbiage on the 4 x 6 pocket card NOTICE - in bold. It is designed to allow you to notify law enforcement employees -in writing - that you are not a non-human legal "person" and do not consent to their requests nor do you wish to contract with them.
Reading Court Citations 181KB How to read and understand court citations
Use of SSN 111KB To help keep your SSN from being used as a tool in the invasion of your privacy.
Sovereign Citizen Encounters 16KB The Ohio Attorney Generalís Peace Officer Training Academy recently collaborated with the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program to present a course on the sovereign citizen movement and how to deal with such individuals.
Taxes, Are you liable? 176KB Are you liable under the terms of the Internal Revenue Code, (26 U.S.C. 6012) for filing a tax return?
The B.A.R. card 120KB The state BAR card is not a license!!! It is a union dues card....
UCC Study Guide 338KB A study guide for the Uniform Commercial Code
Without Prejudice Study Guide 755KB Study guide for the Law of Man, Without Prejudice
Zip Code Use is Voluntary 22KB Use of the ZIP Code is Voluntary. See Domestic Mail Services Regulations, Section 122.32. The postal service can not discriminate against the non-use of the ZIP Code.


* Warning, results will vary when applying these "Sovereign Techniques." People claiming to be Sovereign Citizens are seen as enemies of the state and labeled as domestic terrorists by Mainstream Media. Awakened Cincinnatians is in no way, shape, or form responsible for the outcome of any legal battles that you apply this research to. Remember that it is up to you alone to study the materials provided here as well as doing personal research so as to better grasp how these processes work.